Poll: Most of Illinois says marijuana should be legal

Person smoking marijuana (Tribune Media)

A new poll by Global Strategy Group on behalf of Think Big Illinois, says a majority of people in Illinois want marijuana legalized.

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When asked whether marijuana should be legalized, taxed, and regulated just like alcohol, 60% support it, with 35% opposing. Support spans across the state – 60% in the city of Chicago, 68% in suburban Cook County, 60% in the Collar counties, and 54% Downstate.

Six out of ten voters support legalizing recreational marijuana, taxing it and regulating it (60% support vs. 35% oppose).

Legalizing recreational marijuana has broad support across the state.

  • City of Chicago: 60% support vs. 33% oppose
  • Cook County Suburbs outside Chicago: 68% support vs. 26% oppose
  • Collar Counties: 60% support vs. 37% oppose
  • Downstate: 54% support vs. 40% oppose

“As discussions in Springfield continue surrounding marijuana legalization, it’s clear that Illinoisans are strongly in favor of legalization,” said Quentin Fulks, Executive Director of Think Big Illinois. “Legalization would help end the era of mass incarceration, while creating much-needed revenue for our state. Legislators should do what Illinoisans are calling for and enact this commonsense measure to make Illinois a more safe, just, and equal place for all our residents.”

Read the poll result yourself HERE.

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