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How this sticker could help protect your pet

GENESEO, Illinois  -- A Geneseo animal shelter is taking additional steps to protect animals in emergency situations.

"Anybody who has a pet should probably have this in their home," Tracy Diehl with Henry County Humane Society Geneseo said.

They are pet alert stickers that go inside the window to alert first responders that there are animals inside. The stickers have a spot to say what kind of pet is in the home and how many. There is also a spot to say if the pet has special needs. Diehl says the most important part of the sticker is including your pet's name.

"In an emergency situation, any animal that is going to respond to a name, you should put that on there." Diehl said. "It's going to make them really nervous and scared, so if they can hear their name, it sometimes helps."

The Henry County Humane Society Geneseo is selling the stickers for $5. All the money will go to the non-profit.

Miller Vet and My Moon Creations in Geneseo are also selling the stickers.

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