Quad City Rowers take their practice back on the Mississippi

MOLINE, Illinois -- Three weeks behind schedule, the Quad City Rowers are back on the Mississippi River.

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"Our team has not been able to be on the water quite as much as we've wanted to with the flooding," said Scott Tinsman, assistant coach. Tinsman and all of the team members have been staying in shape inside the Sylvan Boathouse, with a room filled with rowing machines and bikes.

By mid-May, the water dropped low enough and rowers can experience perfect conditions to be out on the river.

Calm water, besides the wake created by the coaches' boats, makes it easy to navigate the water and practice their technique.

"It felt really good, we really love the water compared to the machine. It's so much better and just being out on the water and seeing the scenery again... it just felt really good and back to normal," said Delaney Evans. Evans is a junior at Pleasant Valley High School and was apart of the team that had an historic win in England last year.

Her eye is set on an even better season this year.

"We're looking forward to a really good season we can't take anything for granted and we are setting high goals and going after those," said Evans.

The team packs up for Bethel, Ohio on Friday, May 17 for the Midwest Championships.

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