In the Kitchen with Fareway: Beef Month, Beef and Wine Pairing

MOLINE, Illinois-- A basic rule when pairing wines with food is to put similar flavors together. Strong goes with strong, acidic with acidic, sweet with sweet, etc.

Some people prefer to pair opposite flavors together, and will pair a dry, acidic wine with a rich creamy sauce.

Perhaps the most important rule to remember regarding wine and beef pairings is that the best wine to serve with beef is the wine that tastes best to you. Everyone has their own preferences, and there’s no reason to drink a particular vintage with your meal simply because someone said you should.

How do seasonings and spices impact a wine choice? Seasonings and spices often act as a bridge to wines.

1) Sprinkling beef with some cracked black pepper helps the dish marry well with Syrah/shiraz, which has a black pepper-like flavor.

2) Herbs in a beef dish can underscore the hint of herbal flavor in many cabernet sauvignons and bordeaux. Example: Full Red- Josh Cabernet Sauvignon

3) Chiles need a cushion of sweetness to land on, so fiery-hot beef dishes often do best with a white wine that has a bit of residual sugar. Example: Relax Riesling

4) And with garlicky or buttery beef dishes, a dry rosé is a must-try experience. Example: Apothic Rose

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