Volunteers needed to remove sandbags in Buffalo, Iowa

BUFFALO, Iowa-- A big cleanup effort is underway in a small community. Buffalo, Iowa residents are deep in flood recovery right now, and that involves removing thousands of contaminated sand bags. And there's one man, a self proclaimed clean up organizer, whose doing what he can do make sure everyone gets the help they need.

Bag after bag, load after load, clean up is at the top of the priority list in Buffalo. What once served as property saving protection are now flood contaminated hazards that need to be hauled away.

The number one thing on Olin Meador's priority list is helping his neighbors who need help clearing their yards. Clip board in hand, he goes door to door, car by car, wall by wall making sure all of his Front Street friends get help. A signature on Olin's list gives volunteers permission to clear bags and throw them out.

Before they can be thrown out, people have to get the bags to the street. Then next week, a company will come in and haul them away to a landfill for free.

"The city has a deal with a private contractor to come in and remove the bags as we get them in the street," says Meador.

The water receded, names written down, neighbors ready to help. They're checking all the boxes when it comes to flood Spring cleaning.

The City of Buffalo is working with the Scott County Emergency Management team to get volunteers to come help Tuesday, May 14, 2019. First they will tackle Front Street, then they will move further into town.

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