Sterling family wins $2 million lawsuit against hospital

STERLING, Illinois- A now 10-year-old and their family will receive a chunk of change after winning a lawsuit against a hospital.

According to Attorney James Mertes of Mertes & Mertes, the verdict was handed down Monday, May 13.

The firm says the $2,021,650.59 decision is an "all-time record verdict in Whiteside County."

The family's attorneys say they went to Morrison Community Hospital back in November, 2011.  The toddler was "injured after a physician applied a tight wrap to his wrist following a fall down the stairs."

The lawsuit says that Dr. Zewdu Haile applied a wrap that was too tight on the child’s arm, cutting off circulation to the arm, hand, and wrist and that it caused permanent injuries to the child.

The lawsuit also says that Dr. Duncan Dinkha did not remove that wrap when the child was taken back to the emergency room later.

The trial lasted 9 days.

The family's attorneys say it took the jury less than two and a half hours to decide in favor of the child.

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