How flood-relief workers can get a free tetanus shot

DAVENPORT, Iowa -- To help flood victims in the Quad Cities area, Genesis Convenient Care is offering free tetanus shots.

The vaccinations are for anyone working around flood water and those at a higher risk for wounds because of their recovery efforts, according to Craig Cooper, Senior Communications Specialist with Genesis.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention warn that flood water can include human and animal waste, medical waste, industrial waste, and household waste.  All that waste could contain carcinogenic compounds like arsenic, chromium, and mercury.   Exposure to these waters can cause wound infections, skin rash, gastrointestinal illness, and tetanus.

“Flood relief workers should be cautious to protect themselves from possible hazards in the water,’’ said Bharat Motwani, M.D., infectious disease specialist with Genesis Health System. “And, relief workers should respond appropriately if they suffer a wound from a nail, glass, or metal object while working in flood water.’’

There are three locations where people working on flood recovery can get their free vaccinations:

  • 3200 West Kimberly Road, Davenport
  • 2140 53rd Ave., Bettendorf
  • 3900 28th Ave., Moline

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