Good news! Our flood may be completely gone by Memorial Day Weekend

This is music to the ears of everyone dealing with record-breaking flooding. A drier weather pattern is in store for the Middle Mississippi River Valley over the next week to ten days. That means a continual recession in floodwater can be expected and the clean up can continue.

It's also an important thing as residents and businesses take down sandbag walls. Please remember that sandbag walls and Hesco Barriers are rife with bacteria and fecal matter. Residents should call their local municipality for removal.

Should the forecast remain dry, it's conceivable that the flood completely goes away by Memorial Day Weekend (last few days of February). Right now, there is a chance we get back into a wet and stormy pattern in about 10 days. That could cause some rises, but by that time the river will be down into minor flood stage.

It is possible that a rainy pattern could bring the river back up into moderate or major flood stage sometime into the Summer months. We know that above-normal precipitation trends can have a significant effect on that potential, but it is extremely unlikely we get anywhere near the level we saw last week.

-Meteorologist Eric Sorensen


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