Believe it or not, next week’s rains could bring an even higher crest

Yes, we have a few days of drier weather for the weekend. No, that won't continue into next week.

Shortly after noon Thursday, the level of the Mississippi River went above the all-time record high, set in the "Great Flood of 1993."

The river has fallen a few inches since the crest yesterday and will continue to drop thanks to drier air coming in for the weekend.

But we have to consider that we're just now entering our "Rainy Season" here in the Upper Midwest. That means there's more heavy rain on the way and it could begin as early as Sunday night.

Next week's rain potential also comes with a slight risk of severe weather.

Everyone wants to know if the river will get even higher than the crest we had yesterday. And that's a tough question to answer. While the forecast for the river shows a steady fall next week, that does NOT take into account additional rain. If the river only falls a foot this weekend, it's possible it could rise a foot or more with 1-4 inches of rain next week.

Don't let your guard down!

-Meteorologist Eric Sorensen

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