Years of history in the BIX Museum saved from Davenport flooding

DAVENPORT, Iowa -- The River Music Experience is among several businesses impacted by flooding from the Mississippi River.

Among the many things at risk were hundreds of years worth of artifacts in the BIX museum located in the basement. Thankfully, employees at REM actually got a head start before the HESCO breach on April 30th. Executive Director, Tyson Danner, said a sump-pump inside set off an alarm alerting employees that it was having trouble keeping up with the rising water.

Inside the museum, things are now beginning to dry up. Employees spent all night moving years of history from the basement, up to higher ground on the second floor.

One item that could not be moved upstairs, was BIX's piano. Instead, crews worked to elevate it on cinder-blocks out of flood waters. Danner said there were anywhere from 40-50 people helping move precious pieces last night.

"At this point, we've mostly got it under control. We just kind of need continuous people watching it around the clock probably for the next few days if not a week," said Danner.

Danner said as long as the flood barrier on Main Street holds, they will be okay. He said right now, they no longer need any more volunteers. Instead, RME is asking for the public to donate to help flood cleanup.

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