WONDER WOMEN Podcast: Davenport, Iowa Business Owner Talks About Journey from Basement Baker to Successful Storefront

Powerful Women. Powerful Positions.

WONDER WOMEN is a podcast that showcases the female movers and shakers running and leading businesses, non-profits, governments, and schools across the Quad City Area, Iowa, and Illinois.

EPISODE ONE: She started as a stay-at-home mom, turned into a basement baker, and now she owns one of the most popular bakeries in the Quad City Area. Tiphanie Cannon is the Owner of Oh So Sweet by Tiphanie, located at 314 Main Street in Downtown Davenport, Iowa.

In this month’s podcast episode, this “Wonder Woman” explains the turning point in her life that got her baking and how that unexpected journey turned into a successful storefront. Tiph talks about the place where all entrepreneurs should begin, who helped her find her permanent spot, plus the biggest challenges of owning your own business and finding that work-life balance.

News 8’s Angie Sharp and Tiphanie Cannon, Owner of Oh So Sweet by Tiphanie located in Davenport, Iowa

We are digging deeper in this podcast, though. We ask Tiphanie if being a woman factored into her story and how it matters to her success. She describes the “sorority” of female business owners she’s apart of – which she adoringly calls the “Main Street Mafia” – and gives examples of how they are able to support each other, rather than feel like they have to compete.

Finally, we talk about the qualities of a “Wonder Woman” and what the next generation of the “Girl Power” Movement needs to know before they take a running leap in life.

Click on the link above to hear our conversation, then click here to learn more about Tiphanie’s business.

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