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Volunteers work through the night and into the morning to fight flood

DAVENPORT, Iowa - As the sun comes up on May 1, flood water completely surrounds Mary's on 2nd Street, a bar on the west end of downtown Davenport.

Volunteers slept on pool tables and cots overnight as they monitored pumps and sandbags.

The river water continues to seep into basement of the establishment.

Owner Bobby Stansberry said the volunteers are essential to fight against flooding.

Other local establishments have donated fuel to keep flood pumps running.

Crabby's in Coal Valley, Illinois donated 90 gallons of gas, said Stansberry.

Volunteers bring water and man power as they wade through the water to help in any way they can.

The local support brings Standberry to tears.

"I have family members here, people I don't know, friends. It's amazing. Davenport is a good city." he said.

This bar has a reputation of being able to bounce back.

Mary's on 2nd was hit by a stolen car in April 2018. The bar shut down for nearly 7 months.

A show of resilience in Davenport as the river water continues to seep into the building's basement.

Mary's on 2nd is located at 832 W 2nd St, Davenport, IA

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