Davenport tenants get one last trip to apartments before leaving downtown

DAVENPORT, Iowa-- A team of U.S. Coast Guardsman saw dozens of people across flooded 2nd Street in Davenport Wednesday, May 1. They were taking tenants inside the Peterson Paper Company Lofts to get their necessities before leaving downtown for the foreseeable future.

"We'll be out here until we don't have anybody that needs to go out anymore," Operations Petty Officer Mack Parker says.

Officer Parker oversaw the voyages through the floodwater, making sure everyone made it back and forth safely.

"You know this is a bad situation so anything we can do to help them out, that's what we're doing," he says. "Any light at the end of the tunnel is good for them."

One of the people getting a ride was Colin Freese. He came back from his apartment with a duffel bag of clean clothes.

"I feel better than I did last night," he says. "I have clothes and things now. So I have other things to take care of, but I feel a lot better than last night."

Freese says he's staying with some family until he can get back in his apartment. He says he also has to get his car insurance squared away since his car is currently underwater.

"My first instinct was just to call family members," he says of the moments after the floodwall breached Tuesday. "Let them know I was okay, and then call and try to get my business handled."

Tenants are expected to be kept out of their downtown buildings until the water starts receding, which expected to happen this weekend.

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