Two Davenport businesses work to save merchandise, before being surprised by levee breach

DAVENPORT, Iowa -- Trash Can Annie's and Ragged Records, two storefronts trying to save their stock with flood potential they didn't see coming.

On Tuesday, April 30, these two businesses, along with others in the downtown Davenport area, were making plans to withstand any flooding.  The Mississippi River was expected to crest on Wednesday, but the river had other plans.

A levee breach at River Drive and Pershing Avenue on Tuesday afternoon sent flood waters rushing into the streets.  But before that happened, these two business owners were getting ready.

"My friend Bob Harrington who has Ragged Records called me and said "Get down here now," said Trash Can Annie's owner Laura Heath.  Both business owners knew it needed to be all hands on deck to save their storefronts.

Laura said 15 people came to help at first, and then that amount doubled - with both familiar and unfamiliar faces.

All the volunteers made an assembly line hauling boxes of vinyl and vintage clothing to higher ground.

After the breach, Ragged Records' owner said water would likely damage a lot of the furniture inside, but the product had been moved out of harms way.

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