Owner of Ragged Records talks levee breach in Downtown Davenport

DAVENPORT, Iowa -- Bob Herington of Ragged Records said he noticed the river levels were near the tops of the barriers when he arrived to his business this morning, April 30th.

"We decided at that point that we should move everything as high as we could. So, we took our best inventory to the second floor of the building. And then all of our inventory that was on the floor we moved on tables. So everything in the shop is pretty much three feet off the ground right now," Herington said.

Herington said as his building filled with water, he assumes there will be nearly a foot and a half of water inside. He said water will likely damage much of his furniture inside. Luckily, product has been moved out of harms way.

"I kind of was hoping that with the new hesco barriers that we would be protected but who would have known we would have gotten this much rain and this much water this fast," Harringten said.

The owner said he believes his business will be down for a month or so. He said as the rain continues he does not think he will be able to get inside to clean up the damage left behind.

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