Port Byron woman to announce fifth-round draft pick for Chicago Bears

PORT BYRON, Illinois-- A Port Byron woman is getting the chance of a lifetime at the NFL Draft on Saturday, April 27.

Dawne Croxton has gone to the draft in Chicago the past four years.

"The anticipation of who you're going to end up with is exciting," she says. "And to be there live and have it all happen in front of you is amazing."

With a reserved table every year, a woman with the Bears called a few months ago to ask if the Croxtons were still coming. She asked how Dawne was doing.

"I told her I had some medical issues, that I had a bout with cancer," she says. "But I'm doing great. I didn't have to go through chemotherapy, and I didn't have to do radiation."

Dawne did have to have surgery, removing part of her lung to try and remove cancerous tissue.

"It's the love of your life. You do what you can," her husband Rodney says. "She went through a lot, she's doing good."

Dawne says she's now recovering, getting her strength back and taking advantage of a free program through Livestrong and the YMCA.

After Dawne told the Bears representative her story, the rep went above and beyond.

"Well, I got the call last night that they would like me to announce the fifth-round draft pick on national TV," Dawne says.

It's an opportunity fitting for one of the biggest Bears fans.

"I've never seen anything like this," Rodney says. "We're just tucked here away in Port Byron on the bluff, and to have this all happen is amazing... (Dawne) says there are so many other people who deserve it. She deserves it. She's been through a lot."

Dawne says she has some studying to do to make sure she pronounces the name of the Bears' pick correctly.

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