20-foot flood stage forces some riverfront businesses to shut their doors

MOLINE, Illinois-- When the Mississippi River crested over twenty feet a few weeks ago, flood waters flowed through streets and up to most riverfront businesses. Milltown Coffee in Moline had flood water covering their entrance's parking lot and right up to their door.

"We didn't realize how much a quarter of an inch was going to be in terms of how far it is going up in the parking lot so there's not a whole lot we can do I don't want people having to trek through Mississippi flood water to get in here," said Cameron Cartee, co-owner of Milltown Coffee.

According to Cartee, water forced them to close for nearly a week. They used sandbags to keep water from flowing into their business but to get inside Cartee says he had to walk over landscaping and jump in between the door and the sandbags, something they would never ask a customer to do.

Now that the water has receded they are back open with reduced hours but the threat of closing is far from over. On Monday, the Mississippi River is forecast to crest at 20 and a half feet, which will once again force them to close their doors.

"What I'm most worried about is our customers and our employees. You know not having the hours for them to come in and work you know people are counting on this job as well as the customers not having this place to go you know a lot of people had to switch meetings around that they do weekly. so that's what I feel the most bad about but like I said before - Mother Nature - you really can't do much about it," said Cartee.

Owners are considering sandbagging a majority of their parking lot in order to stay open but they aren't sure it is possible.

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