Mail service suspended in Moline neighborhood to protect carrier from loose dog

MOLINE, Illinois -- Several homeowners in Moline had their mail suspended because a neighborhood dog repeatedly gets loose and chases mail carriers away.

Nearly 20 residents living just south of John Deere Road on 44th Avenue received a letter saying in part, "At this time we are putting your mail on hold as to protect the carrier from harm."

The Moline Post Office says the harm is referencing a large dog that continues to escape from a leash in the backyard.

"It just keeps happening. Over and over again," said Kristie Amato, a neighbor. "Nobody should have to deal with that."

Amato runs a daycare just a few houses down from the dog's owner. She said she is fearful for the safety of her kids, and even her grandson.

"We do feel threatened," Amato said. "My grandson walks; he has to stop, look, and walk very slowly by the house... how many times do we need to call about this dog?"

The Moline Police Department said they only have three documented complaints about the dog. However, neighbors we spoke to had a different number in mind.

"It's been well more than three," Amato said. "It has to be 30 times. At least. This hasn't been going on for a month or two months. It's been going on - it has to be a year."

Deo Vonoo lives across the street from the dog's owner. He said he feels the situation is unfair to neighbors who have done nothing wrong, but are now inconvenienced by needing to go to downtown Moline to pick up their mail.

"I don’t see the reason why I should be penalized for something I didn’t do," Vonoo said. "That is not fair to me, that is totally not fair to me."

Neighbors agree it is an ongoing problem, that has finally turned away mail carriers.

"I am not surprised that the mail has chosen not to run," Amato said. "If I was the mail delivery person I would not walk down this street."

"I understand why they took that decision. But I'm still mad... I'm very frustrated," Vonoo said. "Whoever has this dog should please do something about it. I'm pleading."

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