Quad City TSA Officers trying to cut down on 50 pounds of prohibited items seen every month

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MOLINE, Illinois – Summer travel season will be underway soon and TSA officers at the Quad City Airport are reminding travelers what is and what is not allowed past the security checkpoint.

TSA officers talking about prohibited items they are seeing passengers try to get past security checkpoints in the past few weeks.

They see your typical items like aerosol cans and large soap bottles, but travelers are also attempting to hide knives in lipstick cases even in keys.

“If you carry a knife, I understand that you can forget about it,” says Andrey Mojica, a TSA Officer at the Quad City Airport. “But just because you say you forget about it doesn’t give you the green card to take it on the plane.”

“Prohibited items can lead up to a four-time longer screening time,” says Mark Howell, TSA Regional Spokesperson. “So just making sure you know the rules and make sure those things aren’t in your bag are going to speed up things for you and everybody else.”

TSA wants to emphasize that they don’t confiscate the items. You can put the items back in your car or put them in a checked bag.

The Quad City Airport sees about 50 pounds of prohibited items a month, not including liquids, gels, or aerosols.

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