Here are the 12 Democrats still in the race for the 2020 presidential election

(CNN) — The first votes of the 2020 Democratic nominating contest are just weeks away, and 12 Democrats are trying to get ahead in a crowded primary field.

Here’s an updated look at who’s in and who’s out. We’re going to keep updating this list through the campaign season as candidates announce their intentions or drop their bids.

Announced campaigns

Sen. Michael Bennet

AGE: 54

STATE: Colorado

KNOWN FOR: Bennet, the former superintendent of Denver Public Schools, was forced to hold off on entering the race following a diagnosis and subsequent treatment of prostate cancer in April. Having served in the Senate since 2009, Bennet has pitched himself in pre-campaign appearances and speeches as a pragmatic lawmaker who has a progressive voting record.

Former Vice President Joe Biden

AGE: 76

STATE: Delaware

KNOWN FOR: Biden’s long-anticipated announcement marks his third presidential campaign after he passed on a 2016 run. His name recognition, decades of experience and ties to former President Barack Obama are seen as his greatest assets. But his track record on — and public response to — making some women uncomfortable with his behavior could be an obstacle to gaining modern voters, some of whom may also think that the party needs new, more diverse representation.

Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg

AGE: 77

STATE: New York

KNOWN FOR: The former New York mayor officially entered the race on November 24, saying that his campaign was aimed squarely at defeating Trump. He has portrayed himself as a moderate against progressive projects such as “Medicare for All” but with extensive experience and campaign funds to put toward key Democratic issues such as climate change and gun control.

South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg

AGE: 37

STATE: Indiana

KNOWN FOR: Known locally in South Bend, Indiana, as “Mayor Pete,” Buttigieg served as a naval officer in Afghanistan. Buttigieg, though a long shot, would be the youngest and first married gay president if elected. He would also be the first candidate to go from the mayor’s office to the presidency.

Former Maryland Rep. John Delaney

AGE: 56

STATE: Maryland

KNOWN FOR: A self-made businessman, Delaney at one point was the youngest CEO on the New York Stock Exchange. Delaney has been running the longest — he declared his candidacy in July 2017 — but is still working to gain name recognition.

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard

AGE: 38

STATE: Hawaii

KNOWN FOR: Gabbard is the first American Samoan and the first Hindu member of Congress, and brings her experience as an Iraq War veteran to the House Armed Services Committee. But she will have to overcome obstacles both old and new, including recent internal campaign turmoil and her controversial secret meeting with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in 2017.

Sen. Amy Klobuchar

AGE: 59

STATE: Minnesota

KNOWN FOR: Klobuchar announced her run outdoors as it snowed, which she tied to her commitment to a “homegrown” campaign with “grit.” The Minnesota moderate is looking to work across the aisle and win back fellow working class midwesterners.

Former Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick

AGE: 63

STATE: Massachusetts

KNOWN FOR: Patrick announced a late-entry to the race in November 2019, reversing a previous decision to stay out of the running. Patrick began his public service career in 1994 when he served as US assistant attorney general for the civil rights division in the Clinton administration. Following his stint at the Justice Department, Patrick held several jobs in the private sector before becoming the first African American governor of Massachusetts in 2006. He was reelected in 2010.

Sen. Bernie Sanders

AGE: 77

STATE: Vermont

KNOWN FOR: Sanders’ democratic socialist platform gained significant traction during the 2016 primaries, when the independent senator who caucuses with Democrats ran against Hillary Clinton. His policy agenda includes various progressive proposals, many of which have been embraced by the Democratic Party, like expanding health care, broadening the social safety net and making higher education free.

Billionaire Tom Steyer

AGE: 62

STATE: California

KNOWN FOR: Steyer, whose net worth reached $1.6 billion this year according to Forbes, has operated as a funding force in Democratic politics in recent years, bankrolling candidates and organizations that promote liberal causes, including the impeachment of Trump. The 2018 House races marked the third consecutive election cycle in which Steyer spent more than $100 million supporting Democratic candidates.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren

AGE: 70

STATE: Massachusetts

KNOWN FOR: Warren was appointed as assistant to President Barack Obama and special adviser to the Treasury secretary in order to launch the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. She was also appointed to a congressional oversight panel overseeing the $700 billion Trouble Assets Relief Program that was passed in response to the 2008 financial crisis.

Businessman Andrew Yang

AGE: 44

STATE: New York

KNOWN FOR: Yang is an entrepreneur who launched Venture for America, a fellowship program that aims to connect recent grads with startups. He wants to give all Americans a universal basic income of $1,000 per month to address economic inequality.

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