Secondary crest on the Mississippi River just days away

Thanks to the recent snowfall north of the Quad Cities, another crest is headed down the Mississippi River in the coming days that will cause more flooding issues.

The next crest will be arriving late next week and into next weekend working its way down from Dubuque through Burlington causing another round of headaches for the Quad Cities region. The values that you see in the graphic above are on the high-end of the forecast crest range, which will be experienced if we receive any significant rains between now and when the actual crests arrive.

On the low-end of the range, a crest of at least 19.5 feet looks likely, which is roughly half a foot lower than the previous crest that we experienced last week. The potential is there though for a higher crest of close to 21 feet, depending on the amount of additional rain we receive in the next week.

For the Mississippi River at Rock Island, once the river reaches 21 feet water begins affecting the Davenport Post Office's 2nd street entrance and Marquis Harbor in Moline. In Bettendorf, water affects River Drive between 6th and 8th streets.

The National Weather Service recently began discussions regarding the long-range weather patterns expected to take shape through the month of May. Most recently an El Nino advisory has been issued. There remains considerable uncertainty with how this pattern could impact our summer weather-cycle because no such pattern has evolved in recent weather history here. El Nino is only a small piece of the puzzle when it comes to shaping the long-range forecast. Currently, it is expected that an active storm track will continue through July with wetter than normal conditions due to the wet soils that are already in place across much of the region.

Meteorologist Andrew Stutzke

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