Louisa County residents worry about contaminated floodwaters

LOUISA COUNTY, Iowa -- Several households in a small Louisa County community near the Mississippi River have been dealing with floods for a month now. The dirty water has washed trash and other debris into people's yards, but that's the least of their concerns right now.

Several septic tanks in the neighborhood have been flooded; residents worry about the possibility of contamination, and many just feel stuck.

"Yeah. I would like to sell," said Tony Kincaid, whose home has been surrounded by muddy water for weeks. "But can I put a for sale sign out here and anybody come and offer me anything? Not gonna happen," he said.

Kincaid called the county for help over a week ago, but hasn't heard anything back.

"I’m doing everything I can to help," said Louisa Sheriff Brad Turner, who became interim emergency management coordinator for the county when that person resigned three weeks ago. "If people have called and not gotten a returned phone call, then that’s my fault," he said.

The sheriff said the county and the state can offer resources to help families that meet certain financial conditions.

But for now, Kincaid and his wife feel stuck.

"Anymore I just go from today until tomorrow. I don’t look at the long term, I don’t look at the short term anymore," Kincaid said. "It’s just get through the day the best you can and wake up and do it all over again tomorrow," he said.


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