Rep. Loebsack wants full Mueller Report disclosure

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MOLINE, Illinois – Iowa Democratic Congressman Dave Loebsack says he believe top members of Congress need to see the entire Mueller Report investigation of Russian influence in the 2016 Presidential election.

Loebsack, who announced he will retire at the end of his term, says "true national security questions" should be redacted, but added that he's not "100% convinced" Attorney General William Barr will do "the right thing" in the redacted release of the 400 plus page investigative report.

"If I don't see the whole report I think that there are members of Congress who should be entitled to see that report," Rep. Loebsack told News 8 during a sit down interview in WQAD's Moline studios.

Rep. Loebsack says the "Group of 8", a bi-partisan group of top congressional leaders, should be among the first to view the full, unredacted report.

Democrats on the Judiciary Committee already plan to issue subpoenas demanding the full release of the "Mueller Report".

Rep. Loebsack's full interview also touched on his planned retirement, the new Democratic members of Congress and the ideological tilt of the Party, and the future of Arsenal Island, the military installation located in the heart of the Quad Cities.

But regarding the Muller Report's release, Rep. Loebsack says he is worried that public opinion may have already been formed regarding its results.

"I'm fearful of that," he said.

"We are a divided country, you know, and there are two camps.  Essentially pro-Trump and anti-Trump, and it's really quite unfortunate."

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