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Family and friends of Tammy Loos petition for stricter laws on auto thefts

MOLINE, Illinois -- It's been two weeks since Tammy Loos died in a stolen vehicle crash on John Deere Road, leaving behind fiancé Matt Burroughs and dozens of family and friends.

Those closest to her aren't letting her death go unnoticed. Now, they are fighting for stricter laws on auto thefts, especially thefts that lead to vehicle homicides.

In an email sent to WQAD, they claim, "Our laws right now are a slap in the face to the people involved who have lost loved ones because of these people who are out on joy rides in other people's cars and have no respect for human life."

Debbie Banaszek works with Burroughs and has started a petition for Representative Cheri Bustos and two others to step up and make a change to keep the community safe.

It's an idea the Moline Police Department can fully stand behind.

"It's encouraging that they are looking into what else can we do to make our streets safer, our community safer, so the fact that they are taking this and talking to representatives to see what they can do to make our community safer, I think, is a positive impact," said Detective Michael Griffin.

The petition already has 1,283 signatures, and organizers say people have been calling in sharing their own experiences with accidents caused by stolen cars, making the need for change even more important.

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