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8 in the Air: Sylvan Island swamped with Mississippi flooding

MOLINE, Illinois -- Sylvan Island may still be open on April 9, 2019, but many of the trails are not.

That's because major flooding on the Mississippi has spilled over the banks of the island and seeped up from the ground, swamping paths and obscuring the island's shape. In some places, only the trees can show where the island still remains under the water's glassy surface.

Despite the flooding, The Sylvan Island Stampede, an annual mountain bike race through Friends of Off Road Cycling, powered through troubled waters on April 7.

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Major flooding on the Mississippi is affecting more than just the banks and businesses that live there. Click here to see more stories on flooding on the islands of the river.

Sylvan Island is home to miles of trails used by both hikers and bikers. It's also a popular fishing destination. All of these activities are hindered by flooding.

However, the island remains open. Even with the surface lapping up against the underside of part of the pedestrian bridge, Lori Wilson with the Moline Parks and Recreation Department said it would take another foot or two (21-22 feet) to cause concern over closing the park.

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