Mississippi River Flood: River Bandits pack their bags for Burlington for home opener

DAVENPORT, Iowa -- With the Mississippi River flooding the parking lot and surrounding areas of Modern Woodmen Park, the Quad City River Bandits packed their bags for Burlington for their home opener Thursday evening. As the team boarded a charter bus earlier that morning, players told News Eight that they were excited to start the season even if it wasn't at their home field.

"It is what it is, obviously we can't do anything about it," said pitcher Matt Ruppenthal. "So I think the team has just done a really good job of rolling with the punches thus far and you know, hopefully that's a precursor to the way that the team will handle things throughout the whole season."

River Bandits General Manager Jacqueline Holm said the team was ready to get the new season under way.

"Of course this wasn't the opening that we were hoping for, we were looking forward to having fans on our home turf for our home opener," said Holm. "But under the circumstances everybody seems like they're in really high spirits and we are looking forward to opening on April 15th at home," she said.

The River Bandits said in a statement on Monday that the ballpark remains in pristine condition, well protected from the floods. But it said that getting the players, staff, equipment and fans in and out of the ballpark will remain a challenge.

Games on Thursday, April 4th and Friday, April 5th are scheduled in Burlington.


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