Moline Water Treatment Plant increasing water testing due to flood waters

MOLINE, Illinois -- The rising Mississippi River levels are complicating operations at the Moline Water Treatment Plant.

The city's plant manager, Dave Owens, said as the river rises, it brings in more dirt and debris from upstream.

"It's kind of like a wave coming at us from up north," Owens said. "It brings with it a lot of different chemicals that we usually don't see from the Wisconsin rivers, from Minnesota, so we want to stay on top of it."

So far -- there is no immediate threat. Still, Owens said crews are now testing the water every hour to ensure quality remains consistent.

Customers are asked to call the plant if they do notice a strange taste or smell.

The City's plant manager said there is no real threat unless river levels reach closer to their record of 23 feet.

"It also changes the characteristics of the water where we have to make some adjustments to ensure that we don't impair any taste and odor problems," Owens said. "But also that we get the water really good and clean before we send it out."

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