Galesburg hospital won’t deliver babies anymore, women’s health services still available

GALESBURG, Illinois- The Galesburg Cottage Hospital has announced the suspension of all inpatient labor, delivery, and urology services.

The Hospital group announced on April 2, that it will suspend inpatient labor and delivery and urology services effective May 2.

“The decision was impacted by declining market demand for these services and the significant negative impact of the Medicaid Supplemental Payment Program.” –Eileen Inness, Director, PR

The hospital says there are less than 860 deliveries per year in Galesburg.

According to them, these numbers do not support maintaining two obstetrics programs in the community without substantial Medicaid subsidies.

They also say demand for urology services has declined by 35% in the last three years.

“In 2018, the hospital experienced a significant loss of funding as a result of the state’s redesigned Hospital Assessment Program that impacted the amount of Medicaid Supplemental Payment the hospital received,” said Jim Flynn, CEO. “While many hospitals in our state received additional funding as a result of the redesigned program, Galesburg Cottage Hospital experienced decreased funding of more than $5 million.”

Starting May 2, Cottage Urology Clinic, located at 834 N. Seminary Street, Suite 402, will no longer be scheduling appointments.

However, the clinic will help patients to transition to other providers.

“While Galesburg Cottage Hospital and Clinics are suspending inpatient and outpatient obstetric services and deliveries, the hospital and Cottage Women’s Health Clinic will continue to offer inpatient and outpatient gynecological services. Likewise, Cottage Clinic Primary Care providers provide women’s health care services.”  –Eileen Inness, Director, PR

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