Rock Island father-daughter duo get real in new podcast, “E and Me”


ROCK ISLAND-- A Rock Island father-daughter duo is making their deepest conversations public starting Monday, April 1, 2019. They're sharing theirs in hopes to help other parents start those talks with their kids.

12-year-old Ellie McCoy and her dad Robb aren't afraid to be real with each other.

"At this stage I'm going through some social challenges like at school and fitting in," explains Ellie.

They've transformed a room at Two Rivers Church into a recording studio, and now they're making those conversations public.

"We were in the car one day driving, and we were having a conversation about boyfriends I think, and I was like, you know, I think if someone else was listening, they might get something out if it too," says Robb.

They have different episodes on their podcast called "E and Me," inviting listeners all over the country to join in.

"Kids will learn stuff. They've got plenty of people telling them how to think about boys and girls how to think about their bodies. So if you don't share what you think, they're going to learn it from someone else. And I want her to learn it from me," says Robb.

These two know talking between kids and parents, especially about the hard stuff like body image, relationships and friends, doesn't always come easy. But this duo is proof it can be done.

"Kids just need to be able to ask their parents questions," says Ellie.

"You don't have to be superman or superwoman. You can be a vulnerable, real person with your kids, and I think they'll appreciate that. Kids don't need perfect parents, they need real people," says Robb.

Listen in and join their conversation by clicking here.

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