Illinois State Police start creating online sexual assault tracking system

SPRINGFIELD, Illinois- For a long time sexual assault survivors have been left out of the loop as their case is investigated. The Illinois State Police Acting Director Brendan Kelly wants that to change. Kelly vowed to fulfill recommendations set forward by the Sexual Assault Tracking Submissions Commissions, according to a press release from the ISP.

“Survivors of sexual assault or violent crime shouldn’t be left in the dark while their kit makes its way through a system that can seem cold and indifferent,” said Kelly.

Many sexual assault survivors have DNA evidence preserved in a rape kit.

Kelly directed his department to begin developing an online system for survivors. Once created sexual assault survivors will be able to track their evidence from the beginning to end of the investigation process. Survivors can follow their rape kits from collection at the hospital, to law enforcement pick-up and submission to the forensic lab, and lastly to the State’s Attorney’s office where final results are received.

To ensure privacy, the system will use unique case numbers and passwords to limit access to just survivors and law enforcement.

Survivors of sexual assault can call the National Sexual Assault Hotline at (800) 656-4673 or talk to a local sexual assault service provider.

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