Election 2019: Knox County Clerk delivering voting units to local polling places

GALESBURG, Illinois -- Election officials are making preparations for consolidated elections taking place across the state of Illinois on April 2nd. Knox County Clerk Scott Erickson has been delivering suitcases to precincts around the county -- inside them are digital touchscreen voting units.

"It looks like an ATM terminal, but no matter how many times we've tried, we can't get money to come out of the device," said Erickson.

On Thursday he loaded five of the units into his truck to deliver to a handful of local polling stations, like Abingdon City Hall.

"He's quick -- he just comes in, sets it up and locks everything down on it so it's ready for the election on Tuesday," said Abingdon City Clerk Becky Lewis. "And then he's off to his other spots."

More than three dozen of the units will be delivered and installed by Tuesday, when voters will cast their ballots for city council, school board, and other local offices.

"Even if it’s a race where you think it’s a little park district or a little library district, it’s still important because the decisions that they’re making – they’re using tax dollars. Your tax dollars," said Erickson. "You want to put people in those positions that are willing to do the people’s work," he said.

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