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8 in the Air: How flooding turned this Rock Island County farm into a pond

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ROCK ISLAND COUNTY, Illinois -- Drew Hohenboken is a farmer on a 60-acre plot just outside of Hillsdale.

He estimates 20 acres are under water. And he isn't seeing the worst of it.

Historic flooding in the Midwest caused both the Rock and Mississippi Rivers to rise out of their banks. Both rivers rose above major flood stage.

8 in the Air: The Mississippi before a flood

Hohenboken said he's part of a drainage district. In Illinois, these districts are upheld by law and allowed to tax landowners in order to keep the land farm-able. They also let property owners dig out their land to channel excess water.

In Drew's case, giant pumps take standing water from the fields and push it back into the Rock River.

However, the water in his field comes up through the ground, and pumping it back into a flooded river only brings it right back.

He said all he can do is wait now and hope the flooding goes down before it's time to seed his field.

Watch the video above to see how Drew is affected.

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