Woman claims mother is being mistreated at Rosewood Care Center

MOLINE, Illinois -- A woman staying at Rosewood Care Center in Moline says she has been mistreated by staff.

Rosewood Care Center is a place where people can go through rehab with the goal of going back home. So Angie Huff thought her mother, Glenda, would be home by now.

"In an ideal world we were hoping she would be there maybe 4 to 6 weeks," Huff said.

Instead, Angie says her mother is missing scheduled appointments, not getting her proper medicine, and staff is being too rough getting her in and out of bed.

"When she told me that they had mistreated her with the hoyer, and dropped her in her chair too hard and she lost her breath," Huff said. "I just, I felt frantic because I don't know how to stop this stuff."

Since 2016, Rosewood Care Center has been fined more than $54,000 after several patients reported verbal abuse and neglect.

"I don't understand how a facility that helps people can do things like that and get by with it," Huff said. "I want to go stay there all day and watch to make sure they don't do anything like that... but I can't."

News 8 reached out to Rosewood Care Center for comment. Administrator, Janet Holmberg, said our inquiries would need to go through corporate. News 8 has not yet heard back.

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