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8 Weeks of Winter Fun: Take advantage of warming temps to ease into running

Winter can be a tough time to stay active in the Midwest.  That's why WQAD News 8 is partnering with ORA Orthopedics to help people find ways to get out and move with "8 Weeks of Winter Fun."

As temperatures start to improve runners are getting off the treadmills and onto the pavement.  Kory Kuffler shows us how you can ease into running and avoid injury.

"Get outside and run," said Jim Earel, physician assistant with ORA Orthopedics.  "It's so much nicer running outside than inside when you're on the treadmill and feel like a hamster."

But you don't want to push too hard too early.  Injuries early in the season are common.

"The muscles just aren't up to the task that the runners are putting them up for at that point," said Earel.

So if you want to have a successful season of running, he has a little advice.

"Start slower than you're used to," he said, adding that you should build up to your goal, don't ignore rest days and cross train.

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