Rock River homeowners ready for record flooding

MOLINE, Illinois-- The Rock River is looking to reach historic levels in the coming week. Those living closest to the action say they're ready for it.

Steve Vyncke raised his home five feet in 2017.

"If you move down here, you do it because you love the river. it's beautiful down here," he says. "You just kind of go with the flow and make sure you're dealing with it. It gets frustrating. You get tired of it."

He says he doesn't have to worry as much about floods damaging his home or belongings. But he says that worry doesn't completely go away, especially at the river is expected to crest at 16.3 feet. That's just shy of the 2013 record.

"It still makes you a little jittery. You wanna know what am I forgetting? Do I have all my bases covered?" he says.

Some of Vyncke's neighbors already have water surrounding their homes.

Across the river along the south shore, some residents have to park on higher ground then wade or boat to their flooded homes.

For Amy Ross, she's just about had enough.

"I want to be done with it. I've dealt with it my whole life, and I'm ready to be done with it," she says.

Ross says, since 2008, the flooding seems to be getting worse each year, with potentially record-breaking floods happening more often.

"Makes me feel like selling the house," she says. "I used to like it but I don't like it no more. It seems like the last 10 years have been more harsh than the rest of my life."

Right now, her home is surrounded by water. She says she's fine wading through in her boats and waders.

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