Local mechanic says the key to avoiding pothole damage is in your car’s tires

MOLINE, Illinois -- A local auto mechanic said they had dozens of vehicles brought in over the span of a month because of damage done by potholes.

QC Auto told News 8 on Wednesday, March 13 that they had worked on almost 40 vehicles because of pothole-related damage.

David Long, a mechanic with QC Auto, said doing your best to avoid potholes is going to be the most beneficial to your car, but keeping your tires inflated can help if you do hit one.

"The proper inflation of your tire keeps the air keeps that air cushion inside that tire to allow that tire to collapse," said Long.  "There is a lot of pressure on that tire when you hit a pothole and it will actually collapse all the way to the rim."

During the cold weather public works crews use temporary filler to smooth out potholes.  When the weather gets warmer they will switch to permanent material.

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