Moline skilled nursing facility fined for resident abuse in 2018

MOLINE, Illinois — Throughout 2018 Rosewood Care Center of Moline accrued nearly $30,000 in fines for violations.

Quarterly reports from the Illinois Department of Human Services indicated that there were incidents of abuse and neglect at the skilled nursing facility.  The facility was fined $27,000 in the second quarter and $2,200 in the fourth quarter.

According to the violations report, four residents suffered from abuse in the fourth quarter.

One incident that was reviewed involved a resident who was being helped into the shower by a certified nursing assistant (CNA).  The report showed that the resident’s catheter was hooked to the mechanical lift and was being pulled, causing pain. The resident told the worker about the catheter.

“I’ve been an aide for 10 years – I know you have a catheter,” was the CNA’s reply, according to the report. The resident said she didn’t care how long she had been an aide, and the CNA said she didn’t care how long it had been since the resident walked.

The CNA was fired after the incident, according to the violations report.

Another incident involved a resident who needed help going to the bathroom, after returning from dialysis and feeling weak.

The report indicates that the worker tried to help the resident up but was having trouble.  Ultimately the resident was left sitting on the side of her bed and the worker did not bring any other staff in to help.

The worker was fired, according to the report.

Click here to read the full report from the fourth quarter review.

Click here to read the second quarter report.

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