St. Ambrose University offers thousands of dollars in scholarships to gamers

DAVENPORT, Iowa  --  Over the weekend, high school students from the greater Quad Cities area gathered at Paradigm Arcade for The St. Ambrose High School E-sports Championship tournament.

The competition was for high school students playing the game, League of Legends, and the winning team took home a $12,500 scholarship to St. Ambrose.

"Ambrose has a sponsored varsity e-sports program that's in the school," director of Paradigm Chase Neukom said. "For them to offer $12,500 in scholarship money to sports teams for their university, that's just great for both parties."

Students are playing in teams of five, so the prize money will be split between each player.

"You are reaching the youth that maybe don't like school," Neukom said. "They don't like playing regular sports. Maybe, they aren't really into extracurricular activites, but they do like gaming."

"It gives me a chance to get a scholarship and go to college," Davenport Central E-sports player Quinn Brooks said.

Paradigm and St. Ambrose plan to host another tournament for scholarship money this summer.

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