How do you say it – “daylight saving” or “daylight savings”?

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MOLINE, Illinois – Waking up Sunday morning may have been a rude awakening for some who remembered to set their clocks forward one hour.

“I’m feeling a bit groggy today,” says Milltown Coffee customer, Robert Liva.

For some they weren’t even aware of the time change.

“No, I didn’t know it was daylight savings,” claims Kaylen Bechtel, Milltown barista. “I walked in and saw on the calendar that it was.”

Whether you remembered to set your clock ahead or not, Milltown Coffee was the place for people looking for an extra spring ahead boost.

“I’m exhausted,” says customer Madelyn Cunningham. “I missed my morning coffee, so we had to come here and get a second cup.”

But year after year of resetting our clocks, is it possible we could have been throwing in an extra “S” after the term “daylight saving”?

“I’m just going to hedge my bet that as someone who says it in the plural like “savings” that it’s actually daylight-saving time,” Liva says.

“I always thought it was ‘savings’, but since you asked I’m going to go with ‘saving’,” says Cunningham.

“It sort of rolls off the tongue easier if it’s the ‘S’ I guess,” says customer Kristin Smith-Ladwig.

If throwing an ‘S’ at the end is in your vocabulary, you – my friend – have been in the wrong.  According to most dictionaries, it’s simply “daylight saving time”.

“I’ll still go with “daylight savings” to be honest, I don’t think I’m going to change,” says Bechtel.

Whether it's ‘saving’ or ‘savings’, the temperatures are warming up, people seem happier, and everyone is waking up to a fresh start.

“It’s a great time of year to get out and start enjoying life and … getting everything cleaned off,” says customer Robert Johnson.

Daylight saving time is also the time of year firefighters are reminding people to check smoke alarm batteries.

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