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This class at Black Hawk College will let you live your dreams of being a mermaid

The Black Hawk College Mermaid School will teach your kids how to become a real-life mermaid.

The BHC Mermaid School will be held at 2 p.m. on Saturdays from April 6 to May 18 at the college’s Quad-Cities Campus in Moline.

“Open to boys and girls who have passed BHC Swim School Level 4 or higher. Must be able to swim at least one full length of the pool without stopping. Goggles are a plus. Hair must be tied back. Swim caps are also a good choice.”

Also, you’ll need to provide your own mermaid tail, but they tell you where you can find such a thing.

According to the official pdf, the class will consist of:

1. Safe use of mermaid fin/monofin.
2. Emphasis on proper form for swimming with a mermaid fin/monofin.
3. Kickboard drills.
4. Proper breath holding/building up lung endurance.
5. The fun of being a mermaid.
6. Backflips and front flips in the water.
7. Underwater swimming — tummy, side and back.

The cost is $60 for six classes.

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