Studio 8 features blues/soul trio Concreteslim

Who we are: Concreteslim

  • William Rigsby – lead guitar, singer
  • David Hendershot – drummer
  • Butch Nelson – bassist

What our music is: Blues and Soul

What sets our music apart from the rest: “My music blends old school blues/soul grooves with a new age upbeat rhythm that’s draws in fans outside the line of normal blues soul genre, and crosses words of pain of life and struggle of the common every day man.”

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Lead singer and guitarist William Rigsby said he has performed in venues around the Midwest and Quad City region, including Galena Brewing Company, Geneseo Brewing Company and the Midwest Revue with Billy Rose in Clinton, Iowa.

His next performance will be at Cool Beanz in Rock Island on March 30.

How did he get started in music? “I got out of the army, and my parents had guitars, and I decided I wanted to be a song writer – I left here in ’84 and went to Tucson… I couldn’t play here… I got to Tucson… I worked 17 years as a songwriter down there. My parents got sick and asked me to come home. I got back here, I changed my way of playing, I started writing blues, started becoming more commercial, and that’s what happens here. The Quad Cities has become more new aged. They’re not just saying we have to play on the radio.”

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