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Moline High School students get their hands on history

MOLINE, Illinois  -- Students at Moline High School are learning about the past, in a new way. The school has more than 100 historical artifacts on display at the school.

"These are not just words in a text book," senior Treyton Lamphier. "You can see these things and you can touch them. it's just another level of understanding and depth that you can't get with a textbook or paper.”

Senior Treyton Lamphier is a member of the history club and has family artifacts on display. His father, Trent Lamphier, is also a teacher at the school and a sponser of the history club.

"It's pretty cool seeing my great grandfather's uniform and the patch that he wore,” Treyton said.

"A lot of our kids can't go to museums," Moline High School history teacher Trent Lamphier said. "Some don't have the opportunity to travel, so coming into this room makes them active learners.”

The students are able to come into the classroom and touch and see the different artifacts. The artifacts are from different time periods to help students learn historical progression.

"Kids don't realize what potato peelers used to be like versus what they are like today," Lamphier said.

Lamphier says he believes the hands on learning will be beneficial to the students.

"Almost 90% of retention came from touching, doing, seeing, and experiencing some object or artifact of history," Lamphier said.

"Once you get in front of this stuff and you can see, it’s pretty cool to look at and to interact with,” Treyton said.

The school's history club is accepting donations of any historical artifacts.

"We have a lot of rich history just here in Moline," Treyton Lamphier said. "Being able to see that in the history lab is really exciting.”


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