Liggins 4th trial will proceed, defendant’s motions denied

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SCOTT COUNTY , Iowa -- District Judge Marlita Greve has ordered the fourth Stanley Liggins trial to move forward, denying three motions from the defense that would delay the trial.

Liggin's defense filed three main motions. One was a motion to dismiss the case, one was a motion of continuance to set a new trial date and one was a motion to recuse the prosecution.

Judge Greve denied each motion, stating the defense did not meet the standard to justify any change to the trial's schedule.

The defense argued that Liggins was never given a fair trial and questioned the integrity of the prosecution based on questionable handling of a key witness. They argued the "newly discovered evidence" was grounds for the three motions.

Scott County Attorney Mike Walton said that Stanley Liggins' defense motions were delay tactics.

"Nothing new, nothing hidden. There's nothing recently exposed, there's nothing that doesn't exist that the defense can use in the cross examination of Mr. Holmes. That is why we ask the court they deny all of the recently filed motions against the defense," Mike Walton said.

Scott County Attorney Mike Walton (left) and Assistant Attorney Julie Walton ask Judge Marlita Greve to move forward with the Stanley Liggins trial.

Liggins was first convicted of murder in 1993 in Scott County. The decision was later overturned. He was convicted again in Dubuqe, which was also later overturned. A third trial in 2018 resulted in a hung jury.

The trial will start in on Monday, March 11, set by the calendar after last mistrial. It will be Liggin's fourth trial in 26 years.

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