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Galesburg police investigate fraudulent charges at IH Mississippi Valley Credit Union

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GALESBURG, Illinois -- Several IH Mississippi Valley Credit Union customers tell WQAD they have had fraudulent charges made to their bank accounts in recent days amounting to several hundred dollars in some cases.

IHMVCU has reached out to them, they say, to notify them of the fraudulent charges and they were told the amount would be refunded in the next few days.

Captain Rod Riggs with the Galesburg Police Department said police began receiving reports from several IHMVCU clients Monday and the department is investigating.

David Moon, a customer who was stopping at a branch on W. Carl Sandburg Drive to apply for a loan, said it almost happened to him.

"I got a phone call voicemail saying that there was possible fraudulent activity on my account. So I called in and talked to them and they said someone in Chicago had tried to charge $200-something to my account," he said.

He said it appeared that someone had gotten a hold of his card number and used it on a dummy card to withdraw the money. Fortunately, he said, the transaction did not go through because he did not have more than that amount in it at the time.

A woman who visited the same branch to get her money refunded told WQAD that someone had made three separate withdrawals from her account amounting to nearly $400. She had brought a print-out of her account history to show to bank officers.

Customers say the Mississippi Valley Credit Union assured them the fraudulent charges would be refunded in seven to ten days.

An IHMVCU spokeswoman said, "the Credit Union was notified by Galesburg police today regarding fraudulent charges in the Galesburg area," and referred questions to the Galesburg Police Department.

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