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Dear mother nature: ‘Get it together’

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MOLINE, Illinois  --  On another cold day in an already long winter season, students at Hamilton Elementary decided to take matters into their own hands.

Students in Mrs. Cullison's fourth-grade class wrote letters titled "Dear mother nature," to express their feelings about the weather.

"We're gonna write about how mother nature has been crazy this year," Hamilton Elementary teacher Erin Cullison said.

Over 20 students put their pencils to paper to persuade mother nature to stay or go.

"Dear mother nature, get it together, "fourth-grade student Liam Otten said. "This nonsense needs to stop. I'm considering moving to Florida."

"Dear mother nature, I think you should flip the switch and turn this earth warm," fourth-grade student Calla Graham said.

This winter, we've had more than 59 inches of snow. It is the fifth snowiest period in Quad Cities History. The record is in 1977 with 69.7 inches of snow.

"This is not the worst place I've ever lived, but it's definitely the coldest place," Davenport resident Kyle Dickson said.

"Personally, I love the winter," fourth-grade student Christian Ruud said. "I am a hardcore snowboarder."

If you like the cold or you hate it, the students in Mrs. Cullison's class are letting mother nature know.

The coldest March 4th we've ever had was in 1960 when the high was 14.

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