Iowa lawmakers trying to make elephant rides legal again

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DAVENPORT, Iowa — Three Iowa senators are trying to bring back elephant rides at public events like the Mississippi Valley Fair.

An Iowa law forced the fair to stop offering elephant rides back in August of 2018.  At that time, the fair’s general manager Shawn Loter said the ban was “a disappointment to a lot of families.”

In February of 2019, three Iowa senators introduced a bill to the Senate that would reinstate elephant rides.

Previous reports indicate that People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals was a driving force behind the ban.

PETA’s Vice President and Deputy General Counsel Delcianna Winders applauded the ban.

“Elephants used at fairs are chained, dragged from town to town, and forced to give rides under the constant threat of physical violence,” she said, according to PETA’s website. “Iowa officials were right to crack down on these cruel and illegal rides, and PETA urges families to stay away from all dangerous wild-animal displays.”

Click here to read the full text of the bill. 

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