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Hardworking Arsenal worker celebrates 25 years at the job that gives back to him

ROCK ISLAND, Illinois – Sweeping floors and washing windows may not sound like the most appealing job, but for one Arsenal worker it’s what bring him joy every day.

It’s a job that must be done and Richard Brown absolutely loves it and has for the past 25 years.

“Richard started working for us back in 1994,” says Roberta Day, Richard’s shift supervisor. “It was a point in his life where he really needed a family, a work family.”

It’s 25 years on the Arsenal and today is his special day in Building 104.

“He is kind of slow learning and we contribute that to his eye sight,” says Richard’s father, Opie Brown. “He is basically blind in one eye, he can see shadows.”

But, that doesn’t stop Richard from being the best janitor he can be and the best co-worker he’s become.

“When he first came on board with us he was very shy, very quiet,” says Day.

After some time, Richard was able to warm up to others.

“He’s more outspoken,” clarifies Day. “If someone jokes with him he has a comeback.”

“He is very inspiring, if I’m having a bad day I know where to go. He just lifts me up.”

Even though Richard’s job is cleaning up after others, it’s his pure joy that keeps him going day in and day out.

“He enjoys this job,” says Day. “He loves to come to work, the coworkers the government workers have embraced him.”

“I keep everybody happy,” Richard concludes.

Richard shows no sign of stopping and plans on doing this job until he eventually retires.

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