Clinton apartment building leaves residents living in chilly conditions; landlord now working on issue

CLINTON, Iowa – People living in a downtown Clinton apartment building haven’t had heat for almost a week after the boiler shut down.

If it feels cold now, it’s only going to get colder.

“Our boiler went out and it’s apparently unrepairable they have to replace it,” explains Deena Neahring, of RN Therapeutics in Clinton.

Neahring has own massage therapy center on the first floor of the Tucker Building.  The cold is now freezing her business for the time being.

“I’m not taking clients this week because of the heat issue,” explains Neahring.

The boiler in the building broke down nearly a week ago leaving residents like Gary Blair searching for warmth and wearing a winter hat indoors.

“I took a walking tour of the hallways with my infrared thermometer and it’s been reading about 54 55 degrees,” Blair says.

“It was 45 degrees in here it was really really cold,” Neahring comments.

That was Sunday when Neahring walked into work and the landlord has responded and is providing everyone space heaters.

The residents say they have been told their landlords are working to warm things up and are buying two new boilers.  Currently, they are waiting for those boilers to be delivered.

In the meantime, the space heaters aren’t cutting it for some living and working in the building.  Some residents believe they aren’t big enough to heat some of the larger rooms in the building.

“You can knock on anyone’s door, the businesses downstairs are cold, the second floor is cold and the third floor is cold,” says Blair.

As the month of March rolls in the cold isn’t going away anytime soon.  Leaving some residents hoping the issue gets fixed sooner rather than later.

The Clinton city inspector – who’s in charge of keeping tabs on properties around own – says he didn’t know about the issue at the Tucker Building until six days after the boiler failed.

Since News 8 reached out to him, he says he contacted the landlord to make sure the problem is fixed soon.

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