IDOT presses lawmakers for road-building money

Detail of steamroller during road construction. Asphalt pavement works

SPRINGFIELD, Illinois — Add the Illinois Department of Transportation to the list of people pressing lawmakers for money to build new roads.

It’s not surprising that Illinois’ road-building agency wants billions of dollars for new roads and bridges across the state.

IDOT’s Matt Magalis told lawmakers last week it’s not just a matter of want. He said it’s a matter of need. And there are a lot of needs.

“We have a large percentage of our assets that are getting to the end of their useful lives,” Magalis said. “This includes the majority of interstates that were constructed in the ’60s, and a large portion of our bridges that were constructed in the 1970s.”

IDOT managers say people across the state can see the needs, all they need to do is look at their local roads or bridges.

Gov. J.B. Pritzker proposed a road building plan during his speech last week, but he didn’t say how much Illinois will spend or where the money will come from.

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