Senator Kamala Harris comes to Bettendorf

BETTENDORF, Iowa  --  The 2020 presidential race is underway, and candidates are starting to make the rounds in Iowa. California Senator Kamala Harris visited Bettendorf for a town hall meeting.

The Waterfront Convention Center in Bettendorf originally set out 550 chairs for the town hall meeting, but had to bring in over 200 more for the large crowd.

The California senator announced her run for the democratic nomination in January 2019. This is her second time in Iowa since announcing her bid for presidency.

Harris addressed issues like taxes, public education and healthcare.

"I'm always going to be about understanding that the basic issues of public health, public safety and public education should be available to everyone," Senator Harris said.

Harris discussed supporting The Green New Deal with the crowd. The senator also talked about her plans for mental health care and substance abuse treatment at the meeting.

"I am suggesting that we have got to have a policy of mental health treatment on demand," Harris said. "And drug abuse treatment on demand."

Harris answered crowd questions.

"I would like to know from her if she is on board for a full release of the Russia investigation," Moline resident Mark Harrison said.

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